What are some productivity hacks for developers?

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Here are some simple tips for developers who wants to be productive:

  • Don't think always about code, issue or problem. Only think when you're actually coding.
  • While you're coding and face some problems or issues, don't deep dive at that time. Take a little break and come back to seat. Let's see how effectively you'll solve the problem.
  • Make a schedule for extra activities like watching youtube, or any social media. If you keep doing such activity at an interval of time, then you'll loss your productivity. For eg. 1 hour at first hour of coding and half an hour of second half of coding.
  • When you start coding, don't think or open any social media. Go deeply with your coding.
  • Read code specific blog only if you're stuck with something that is relevant. Take 15 minutes of your time to know about such new thing that introduced while you were coding. And then take a 5 minutes break after reading. Just look around here and there.
  • Do not hurry about your breakfast while you're working with some specific problem that might be finished after 5-15 minutes. Relax and finish your problem.
  • At the off time (eg. when you at home), watch youtube channel that you're interested in.
  • Take at least 8 hours of sleep. This will keep you fresh and will not ruin your work.

Happy coding!!

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