What are the advantages of Aurelia over Angular 2?

Why should one choose Aurelia framework rather than Angular 2? I am working on an eCommerce project and are considering to use Angular 2 mostly because of its popularity and support.

I was also going through Aurelia's AMA and found only disadvantages of Angular 2.

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Our Journey with Aurelia

We started a project with Angular 1.5 , in the middle way I got introduced to Aurelia. I was skeptical at the beginning since many of components that we were gonna use was jQuery based or something that is already available in Angular. But once we started we felt that it takes a while to get a grip but in the end we have built something that is more cleaner, more modularized. Since it takes the advantage of ES2016, I found the syntax more intuitive. Angular Directives has been always a pain for me, but in Aurelia custom components/attributes are easier to write. Till date the experience has been fun.

I think I'm gonna stick with it for a while.

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One more thing for enthusiasts here

I have been following aurelia.io for 4 months, and it has changed a lot since then, documentation got 10x better since I started. So Lack of documentation not an excuse any more. Angular 2 documentation still sucks in that way. Since durandal is backing up their product very well, Rob is very humble and replies to your query often.

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For sure Angular 2 will get most popularity from the Angular 1 project (and this is why, IMHO, they decided to stick with the "Angular" name for a completely new project). Anyway, Aurelia seems to be a nice project as well. First and foremost, Durandal Inc., the creators of Aurelia, is planning to serve first class tech support for the product. Another notable feature is that, as Rob Eisenberg himself says, most of Aurelia is replaceable if you need some feature that some other library has. Also, I remember Eisenberg telling that Aurelia will be much slimmer than Angular (about half the size, IIRC?)