What are the basic things/features you expect from a cloud company in the free plan?

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For a new-age cloud company, I'd expect the following in the free plan:

  1. Ability to setup a server quickly and for free. It can be a small server (512 MB).
  2. Ability to store some data in a S3-equivalent storage system. Again, I'd assume they would limit the data storage in the free plan.
  3. Ability to access and manage DNS. I would expect full control on the DNS even in the free plan.
  4. Be able to host a static website from the distributed storage directly. This would be a very smart move if available in the free plan. If they offer blog / site templates, that's killer.
  5. Git repository and direct hosting via GitOps. This is similar to the Heroku workflow and it's a great crowd puller. I'd assume they would put this in their free plan.

I understand that most providers already give this in their plans. Hence, this list may be a biased one.

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Arpit Mohan what about for free ssl ?