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What are the three common mistakes made by beginner programmers?


1) "Wah wah, eye dunz wanna types" -- it is terrifying how many beginners flat out refuse to use verbose meaningful variable and function names, or try to skip "optional" bits of languages costing clarity, or fail to maintain good indentation habits, or become over-reliant on the automation of IDE's and fancy editors to try and do their typing for them. It all boils down to lame excuses for not wanting to type... and really if you don't want to type you really aren't serious about programming.

2) "Blind Copypasta" -- Diving straight for frameworks and off the shelf components they don't even understand the workings of, as opposed to learning how/why things work, how/why things would/should be done, and in general leaving them hobbled in terms of recognizing if said code is any good, worth using, or just an outright scam. See such mind-numbing asshattery bootcrap or any other front-end HTML/CSS "framework" as proof of that; the folks using and promoting such systems clearly not knowing the first damned thing about HTML or CSS... but thanks to that lack of knowledge they get suckered into thinking such garbage is worthwhile, using terms like "easier" or "simpler' or "makes me more productive" when it in fact has the exact opposite effect!

I mean, you will be copying code from time to time, but if you're going to use it take the time to understand what it does, why it does it, why it chose to do it that way, and to double-check if it violates good practices or not. If it flies in the face of how the underlying languages were even meant to be used in the first place, it's probably not a great choice.

3) "Wah wah, sumbuddies usededed teh h4rsh wurds!!!" -- You're a beginner, you're going to write trash code. You're going to get duped and suckered by nube predating scam-bait BS like W3Schools. You're going to use bad practices... so when someone starts belting out a laundry list of what you did wrong, attacking whatever source you learned them from that's NOT an attack on YOU personally. Suck it up and LEARN, if you don't recognize what's being said RESEARCH the terms being used instead of going all crybaby over it.

It's often shocking how a simple post reviewing a website's code such as:

On the surface you have illegible colour contrasts, uselessly undersized fixed metric (pixel measurement) font sizes, non-elastic layout, and broken responsiveness. There's no scripting off graceful degradation or at least warning messages telling a large swath of potential users to sod off. It appears to be wasting 100k of markup on 5k of plaintext and half a dozen images -- something there's no legitiamte excuse to be wasting more than 10-12k of markup on. Popping the bonnet to look at the code you have a complete lack of semantics, gibberish use of numbered headings resulting in a broken document structure, endless pointless DIV for nothing, endless pointless classes for nothing, static style in the markup, static scripting in the markup, and a host of other "how not to build a website" failings so common to the scam bait that is bootcrap.

Will result in beginners -- and even some alleged experts -- getting their soft little panties in a knot. Instead of going "wah wah" maybe one should bother trying to understand what they're being told? You're a beginner, you know jack at this point, so don't be surprised or get offended when someone DARES to tell you what you're doing wrong!

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