What are your basic meta-modules?

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I write a lot of meta abstractions myself, because ... I'm lazy :). But there is no standard pkg/lib I use anymore usually I add things to a project and extract them as libraries if I need them again.

Often they are framework specific traits like "ApplicationLogTrait" or something. nothing fancy. just a getter for my logging which I fetch from a registry pattern or a parser / transformers such tedious "match that, turn it into" things like "camelCase to snake_case to kebab-case" or "create a cache proxy for class XYZ".

But as I mentioned I write a lot of this stuff myself and just throw it into the pkg managers not carrying if anyone else uses it ;D ....

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Well, not caring about others is one thing, but making a clean module out of it is still quite important. It's at least one piece of your application, which is battle-tested!

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Marco Alka yes, but I should give better descriptions than "read the unitests for instruction" ;D ...