What are your best time management hacks or tools?

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I always have more work/private tasks to do than I can deal with in 24 hours. I tried many existing todo list/time management tools but after a while I realized those just generates more tasks because I also need time to handle them. Moreover, all of them were built with lot of features and usually it was inconvenient to use them. As a developer I always saw the structure behind the UI and I found most of them was organized by that structure instead of the real life needs.

So I decided to build my own todo list system which would focus on the person instead of the things and the times. Basically, it would be a pure "lifetimeline" manager without complex things. It should contain some AI things to manage my time later. Unfortunatelly, I have no time to really work on this. Maybe because I have no good app to manage my time ;)

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