What are your best time management hacks or tools?

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My main misfortune is taking too much on myself. Sometimes problem become more complex, then it seemed. Sometimes I just need to refuse to do work, but I don't... Work, studying, teaching, pet-projects and so eat my life. As the result, 24h is not enough,I'm not resting enough.

But there are some things help me to manage my time.

Google Calendar - the calendar for long time planing, scheduling and events with defined time. It helps me see my free time.
Notion.so Calendar - aka "Trello calendar". I have classic lists ( "todo", "doing") for tasks out of scheduling. And Notion helps manage those card-tasks in calendar.

When I need to do something I don't want to do, I use Tomato Planning method with Pomotroid application. It helps to concentrate and avoid procrastination.

And of course things everybody knows but nobody follows :)

  • Daily regimen and waking up early with good sleep (not surfing net all the night);
  • Regular walking and sports;
  • Health food;
  • Resting! Shift activity;
  • Avoidance coffee, energy drinks and other caffeine drinks.
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Teacher at University and Full-stack web-developer

2020 year update:

I should add that I have switched from Notion to Todoist for todos planning. I found it more simple, clever (easy make regular task) and lightweight. Yet I still use Notion as my "knowledge base" for notes, bookmarks and some projects.