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What are your favourite books on career development?


I think soft skills should be practiced by interacting with people. No point reading a book. Having said, if you are like me, having to read first before practicing, there are some books that I will recommend.

  • How to win friends and influence people - Dale Carnegie
  • Influence - The psychology of persuasion - Cialdini
  • Flow - Optimal experience - Mihaly C
  • The Secret - Rhonda Bryne
  • Inner Engineering - Sadhguru

These are nice books. The last book, Inner Engineering has a chapter on Energy. That part may be omitted. And also, it is an advanced book and makes sense only if you are 30+.

In a nutshell, the highlight of all these books can be summarised into a few core advice:

  • People get influenced by your commitment, consistency, likability, and ability to help (reciprocate).
  • You should enjoy your work. And there should be some sort of single mindedness when you work. In fact, you should lose your self (identity) when you work.
  • Body is not just physical energy but has some sort of life energy. Do Yoga to regulate your life energy apart from doing physical exercise (gym) to keep yourself fit.
  • Mind can be in five states - three of which are important for software engineers. Distracted, Oscillating and Focussed. Being in a focussed state is desirable. This can be achieved if you pump in enough life energy into your body (Not physical energy).
  • When you pump some more life energy, your mind moves from focussed state to a blissful state. If you can keep yourself there, whatever you wish for will materialise and come true.

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