What are your tech-related goals for 2020?

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  • personal website
  • making games
  • more networking

This year, I want to focus on two major topics.

1. Actually writing more code instead of learning things.

  • My website is in dire need of more love. The lack of content is just sad, even though I have cool plans, so I need to sit down and get working!
  • Since Amethyst is still too unstable for me (now they are talking about switching out the ECS system, which is the most central piece), I started working on a smaller-scoped game, which should work like a prequel, using BabelJS and my home-made ECS, sim-ecs, which is inspired by the great SPECS.
  • I have another game in the pipeline, about which I don't really want to talk right now. I mainly use it to PoC ideas I have for working with components on the web. My focus still lies on WebComponents, however I am experimenting with HBS ans TSX. I really don't like how TSX mixes structure and logic, however I have some ideas.

2. Networking and soft skills

There currently is a lot going on at my workplace, aside from the usual restructuring-noise. I want to use the traction I am building and let it spill into my private life. I am not quite sure what I want to do, so the first step is to evaluate my options.

Apart from these goals, I want to polish my artistic skills a bit by learning Blender and Krita a bit more in-depth. I have a ton of assets I need for my games and also a lot of photos which would profit from a little bit of editing. Doing artistic work has always been a weakness of mine which I want to get rid of.