What are your thoughts on GitLab vs Github?

Hey guys, I'm creating a brand new 2020 edition article on the topic - "GitLab vs Github"

And I'm looking for your expert opinions on the topic.

If you can these questions it would be great:

Github or Gitlab?

What is the one feature that you really love about the platform you are using?

Why do you use your current platform instead of the other?

Also, feel free to send me your twitter account so that I can feature you in my article!


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I am more on the gitlab side. but mainly because I am used to their feature-set with the CI/CD. Github for me is mainly if I want to host something public and I don't really use the workflow. It has amazing features though.

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Good to hear J, if you want me to feature you in the article I'm about to write send me your twitter or Fb account, whatever you want

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Momchil Koychev feature me? :D #hashtag fame ;D twitter.com/shadowdroid

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I think GitHub wins over GitLab because of its UI. GH is simple, clean (fewer options) and and with less features.

GitLab is a fully feature DevOps solutions which happens to host code ๐Ÿ˜†. GitLab wins over GitHub in terms of feature set but the UI is very cluttered or complicated.

I use them both to understand them better and because "why not" :D

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I'm on the same mind

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I have to use both for various client projects and here are my thoughts. While GitHub is very popular and now has the financial backing of Microsoft, GitLab has an extremely powerful and seamless CI/CD compared to GitLHub's. While GitHub is making great progress in this area GitLab still leads in DevOps IMHO. Also, you can set up your own private GitLab server locally for your group. Overall, it comes down to which interface you are used to. Both are great products and excel in their own ways.