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What are your thoughts on no-code builders?

I see no-code builders being launched right, left and centre. Let's talk about them.

Gaurav Rajput's photo
Gaurav Rajput
·May 21, 2021·

1 min read

I recently came across YCode. If you've ever worked with WordPress before, you'll notice that the no-code builders are very similar to the drag and drop builders used by a lot of WordPress themes like Elementor, minus the need to set up WordPress. Feels like we always had "no-code builders" around; we just called them "drag and drop builders."

Right now, no-code builders seem like an excellent option to create websites which involve basic CRUD operations. But how good are these builders for building something complex, something that involves doing things on the backend, integrating with other applications etc.? Is it possible to create micro-tools, for example, like Typefully using these builders? If yes, please let me know what no-code tools would you need to use to make something like this. At what point/level of complexity should one not use a no-code builder?

I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on this.