What are your thoughts on Vulcan.js?

It's look likes a solid library for React, GraphQL & Meteor, but I'm not sure about the performance.


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React and GraphQL are awesome tools! But I'm not so sure about Node (and by extension, Meteor) for creating entire application backends with and expecting better-than-most performance. Node acting just as an API entrypoint makes sense and is a good choice, but the instant when you need to do concurrent operations, Node and Meteor will not scale (by design of JavaScript). I'd stick something like Elixir or Go as your business-logic application, and if you really want Node, make it your API layer (but both Elixir and Go have great API layers for them as well).

Just for clarification: I'm a full-stack JavaScript developer (Node (Sails.js and MongoDB) on the backend and React on the frontend) for my day job.

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In other words, do you think that node is not good enough for large sites? And what about php7?

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Node and Meteor will not scale (by design of JavaScript)

What about cluster? What about distributed computing with MQPs? I think, the issue of how well something scales is not defined by the language you use, but the stdlib and your algorithms...