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What do non-programmers do that annoy you?

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16 answers

The most annoying things people say are , You are a computer guy , very easy and good life you have got , but they don't understand at all, that we guys are 24/7 into the programming, thinking always of bugs we are having , how to solve them, damnit we even dream about bugs and issues (sometimes even get the solution while we are sleeping for 5/6 hours of sleep we get) , And yeah thats really an easy and chill out life we have got :D ..

They : What do you do ?

Me: I'm a programmer

They: What is that ?

Me: We basically code create websites , mobile apps and related stuff

They: Oh So why don't you make something like facebook and get famous and rich ?

Me: Never Ending silence

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Non-technical colleagues tend to want to solve problems by creating more forms, checklists, procedures, etc., that could also be solved automatically with good technical infrastructure.

In my experience, most programmers love automation and hate mindless tasks. Managers should be the same.

That is true. Sadly, I feel some programmer (me) go into programming because it's the only way to express this or have some freedom in automating things. People are often hostile to change and automation, however they let programmers sit in a dark corner and "do their thing".

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I know we all start somewhere, but my pet peeve is when non-programmers try to program and do not tell people that they are inexperienced.

I have seen code that looks more like a thesis paper than a program/command line.

But keep at it, I'll try to hunt any offenders down and assist them!

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Never ever, ever, ever check out the "Help" drop down menu. I want to tell them: That thing IS FOR PEOPLE LIKE YOU, you know?
I guess some persons prefer to let others do their self-help for them.

Oh and something else, people who keep telling me how much of a genius I am while I fix their computer. Probably because:

  1. If I'm a genius then they feel better (ego-wise) about not finding their way around the computer.
  2. They think that stroking my ego will somewhat facilitate me giving them free help with their computer stuff.

Anyway I don't appreciate such compliment, a simple thank you would do.

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Being annoyed by others is a major waste of your time. Unless they are blocking your forward momentum, just ignore them completely

But if I had to pick one, it's the word just in sentences like "this just has to be solved" ;-)

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