What do non-programmers do that annoy you?

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Among various things the one that annoys me the most is:

Having a preconceived notion about a particular technology and trying to convince programmers why that tech is bad without any evidence or proof.

I have encountered this problem many times. There are people (non-programmers) who never get a chance to evaluate a technology, but they somehow develop a negative perception towards it. The worst part is that they try to discourage everyone else in the team by portraying negative things that aren't true and obviously can't be proved with benchmarks and evaluation.

A real conversation. I met someone at a conference and that person was into product marketing:

They: So, what tech are you using to build your product?

me: Node.js

They: Really? But that's a language just for PoC right? Just rewrite your codebase in python. It's age-old and battle tested.

me: Ok. 🤯 Let me grab some coffee! Will see you soon.

I still have no idea how to deal with these people. Maybe someone can advise?

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The thing is, you are the developer, they are a marketer. You have different options. imho, one is to act the 'cool guy' and just ignore them, like you did. Another is to tell them off, like 'we evaluated different technologies, and for our project and team, this technology is the best. If you disagree, we are open to you re-evaluating your idea. Please document your findings, advantages and disadvantages and present them to us in a timely fashion.' Telling them something like that will shut them up and they will probably think twice about using superficial knowledge next time. It might also encourage them to do some research and speak out when they really are sure that they have a better idea (which might happen, of course).

I don't know how good these ideas are, so feedback welcome :)