What Do You Love The Most Of Your Current Job?

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The most? Hmm, well, I'd say I love how supportive my superiors are. Most of the time, they feel like parents watching my back, making sure I can do what I love, even if that means going to lengths for me - or letting me go. And sometimes, they feel like colleagues, whose job it is to manage me, but they are still people, and they are very down to earth, and I greatly respect them for that.

Just at the beginning of this year, our BU was restructured, and I decided that I want to go to the new & dedicated front-end team. Which meant that I had to leave my then current group leader. He helped me transition to the other team and was a great help! I am very happy, and I think having such superiors is just awesome!

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Tech Lead. Software Engineer. Family man. Fitness lover. I want to build great products.

Having supportive managers is so important in every company! So happy to hear that you get to do what you really love!