What do you think of PM2 (Process Manager for Node.js) ?

Is anyone using PM2 in production? Would love to know your thoughts.

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Sandeep Panda's photo

We are using PM2 here at Hashnode. It's a very neat tool and comes with lots of utilities. For instance, if you want to take advantages of Node.js clusters, you can achieve that with no code changes. As @GarnierKristen said, monitoring and logging are also easy when you combine Keymetrics and PM2.

I suggest you to use this in some of your projects and see if it works for you.

Deactivated User's photo

I liked pm2 before I have been started to use Docker. For me is important to use Docker, cause we have a many instance from one service. PM2 is awesome, when you have not to much services.

Kristen Garnier's photo

I think it is the most complete process manager for Node, easy to install and run, and a big plus, you have logs and monitoring made easy with Keymetrics! :)

You should definitely take a look at it and play a bit in development, you will for sure fall in love with it!

Steffen Cope's photo

I've used this on an 'enterprise' iOS App's backend (API side). We liked it because it is simple for the dev-Ops guys to quickly check the status of any service.