What does everyone think of the GitHub Arctic Code Vault?



Have they gone mad?






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GitHub just had its 2019 Universe conference, where they announced a lot of cool new things.

The last thing they announced on day 1 was the GitHub Arctic Code Vault.

Basically, they're printing out all the active public repositories on GitHub and storing them in a vault in the arctic.

Do you guys think that's a great idea, or totally insane, or both?

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wusatosi's photo

I think it is nonsense and a waste of resources. And it seems no one is asking the key question: Why?

j's photo

the why is quite obvious.

  1. using another storage format that is independent from the original technology and format is obviously a better redundancy.
  2. and marketing .... I just way for the PR guy who gets out their and sells us 'paper' the new technology :D ....
Caleb H.'s photo

Have you watched the keynote? He sort of explains why there.

It's part of a bigger movement they have to keep archives of all the code on GitHub in a less volatile fashion than on their servers.

If you go to the link I put there, you can scroll up/down to see some of their different ideas about archives.

Emil Moe's photo

Sounds like a waste of resources

Caleb H.'s photo

Then again, if something ever happened and everything on GitHub was lost, would you still think it was a waste of resources? 🤔

There may be better ways of doing it (and they are archiving in other ways: scroll up on the page linked to in the post), but this is one way they want to do it, and as long as they've got the money for it, why not?

Now if they were actually using paper...

j's photo

I am quite amazed what the point of 'all this information' will be? so we print it an freeze and afterwards we scan it again. great ... why not use the genom technoloy and store it in a format that is less wasteful, requires less space and if we loose electricity or something .... we cannot use this information anyways ... but maybe I get proven wrong who knows...