What does your job title mean?

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I'll go first.

I work in Developer Relations at Hashnode (The best company in the world right now ๐Ÿ˜Œ)

I build relationships with the super awesome developers using our platform(s) and create a thriving ecosystem for our own community of developers. My daily job includes but not limited to:

  • Learning
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Reading
  • Making sure that users are happy with our products
  • Inhouse strategies to make our users happier
  • Getting feedback from users and relating it to the engineering team
  • Proposing new features based on user feedbacks
  • All-round writing
  • Speaking at and attending developer events
  • Organizing IRL meetups with my team and volunteers
  • Standups and Syncs with my team
  • Creating and contributing to Open Source
  • Writing JavaScript code and building bots
  • Interviewing amazing women-in-tech on She Inspires series

and more...

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Software Engineer & Ruby on Rails Developer

Wow, your job is really cool. Is Developer Relations different to Developer Advocate?

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Developer Advocate at Hashnode

Thank you :). Yes both are quite different. Please see here: quora.com/What-is-difference-between-the-ro.. Francisco Quintero