What does your job title mean?

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Um… wich one?

I work for Benchmark.games, a company providing gamified assessments (i mean, actual video games, not just some HR process where you collect badges to qualify) to select potentially great candidates. Depending on the time of day and other circumstances iʼm one of the following:

As a backend developer my daily tasks include creating new features in our backend (mostly an API service, but there are some legacy, server generated views, too) and fixing bugs.

As a software engineer i try to plan said features as detailed as possible so me and other developers can start working on it.

As a systems engineer i plan how components of our system will work together. This includes everything between what components we will actually use to and how they access each other (network connections, encryption, etc.)

As a CTO i make decisions on what technology to bring in, what service providers to get a deal with, and any other high level technical mumbo-jumbo you can imagine.

Until our team is so small (we have 13 employees, including external workforce mostly in the sales division) this will remain. As i donʼt want to give up coding, i think i will stay with the software/systems architect title, with some tasks in the actual coding.

I currently like acting as a CTO, but iʼm still unsure if i could do it at a larger scale.