What does your job title mean?

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A job title is for me is just a rough description of what I could and obligated to do at this very moment. On one hand, I couldn't say that I have mastered all the skills needed to do for that describes for the job title. On the other, for the very least, the required jobs can be done and were done satisfactorily, even if there are always new skills to be acquired along the way.

Moreover, having had a number of years of experiences in different type of IT jobs, both in technical and managerial jobs, I have to say that the job title is simply that I could fulfill the required work that the job title describes and it does not reflect all my job skills that I have accumulated over the years, be it technical or managerial. Thus, a job title only defines me at the current work that I am obligated to do and this can be a full stack software developer at the moment but it could be entirely different on the next one.

Working as a Full Stack Software Developer

My day to day work is supporting a custom Enterprise Software Resource system (ERP) that runs on ASP classic for its legacy system and also ASP .NET. Mostly my job deals with bugs but occasionally deals with improvements with new features that the users might want to use.

The system we use is Azure Devops in the form of tickets or cards. From the tickets submitted from users and the software manager, we then start to piece together what is needed, the types of functions need to be created or modified.

Since we use a GIT repository system, we fork the application from the main branch and we create a local branch that we can do and test. Once it's done, we push it to our own branch for the manager, who also acts as the tester, to test the work and validate if it's a passing test or a failing test. Once it is approved that we merge the work to the main branch where the software manager then deploys it to production.