What hobby projects are you working on?

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I am working mostly on my gaming stuff. Lately, I want to test out a few mechanics and techniques, so while waiting for some basic features in Amethyst, I thought about prototyping things using BabylonJS.


However, some advanced things are pretty hard in 3D, so instead I created a 2D dungeon-crawler-like game. I am using Pixi.JS for rendering the game, since it makes working with WebGL a breeze while not being overly opinionated. I easily was able to slap my ECS lib underneath, which is great for the game logic.


One thing I learned was that simplified art is a no-no for the average player, but since I am not good at drawing and arts, I decided to try and have my computer procedurally draw for me. That's useful for one of the features in my game, where stats influence the player appearance. It's definitely worth investigating, and 2D is a lot easier than 3D for now, so I can get a feeling for how to do and organize things.

I know that there already is at least one paper-doll lib for JS I know of, however I really need to experiment with it myself, and also I did not like some of the concepts...


If you are an artist and have some tips on proportions, I would love to hear about them. I am stuck with a study about Miss Korea, which I will have to use otherwise for concrete numbers (and some Manga courses, which usually are hard to translate into numbers)

Not much to see, yet, however I am back from vacation (in Japan), so let's see what I can get implemented in the coming weeks ๐Ÿš€