Where are configs, logs, how to enable/disable HTTPS, HTTP2, gzip, caching and everything else possible in nginx/apache out of the box?

Why NodeJS should be used for backend, when NodeJS is a “right tool”?

Any real 2016 benchmarks/links NodeJS vs Go or vs PHP7 or?

What NodeJS can other platforms can’t?

Please provide links, statistics, benchmarks, business reviews, recommendations as much as possible.


One of the drawback for me personally is that Java is better for me since I often work with Java platform at my site domyhomeworkonline.net. I do not like NodeJS because all the methods for doing simultaneous work, callbacks are by a long shot the most exceedingly terrible, Twisted was tormented by them and is the principle motivation behind why it fizzled, and that was with an a great deal more rational and sensible dialect like Python, stackless Python was a vastly improved option and utilized a model like Go's CSP.

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