What is your opinion on IBM acquiring Red Hat?

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To me it's the same with MS requiring Github.

big companies are no welfare, there is always an underlying intention. Redhat has a lot of knowledge IBM can use. Esp the cloud engineering.

I personally think it's bad, I never seen any great improvement of opensource after corporate grabbed it. It's smart for their funding, but if they don't bring / make profit either they will restructure you with some idiotic excuses. - I call them idiotic excuses mainly because they bought an opensource company ... what did they expect? Millions of dollars on GPL? -

Or they try to wear it down like Oracle tried with MySQL. It also can be just buying influence? Hard to tell.

I am just an old cynic.

Anyhow .... gg I can imagine a lot of great things that can happen with IBM and Redhat, I can also think about enough bad things.

Lets do the rational thing: wait and observe.