What is your process to document what you learn while writing code?

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My knowledge-base is powered by

Nuclino is where I write short or detailed writeups about "Things I have learned" and Microsoft Todo is where my "Things I'd want to know better" goes.

While writing code or doing research, if I am finding some concept amusing but easy to understand I copy and paste few materials from the source into a Nuclino doc about the topic; and these snippets of information is usually sufficient for me to either convert it into a detailed writeup someday, so at least refer while solving something similar.

If I find something that I don't know, instead of diving deep into the newer concept, I add it to my todo list with few reference links, usually, the top k google search results. Thus whenever I want to pick something new to learn I just go through my todo list and pick a topic to dive and once I start understanding the topic in detail I start adding it in Nuclino.

In a way, Microsoft Todo and Nuclino act as my two columns in Kanban board.

 - if a concept is easier to understand
   - make an entry in Nuclino
   - keep adding snippets of information
   - if while diving deep I stumble upon something relatively new
        - make an entry in todo
        - add some reference links to it
   - some day convert those snippets into a detailed write-up

 - if I have the bandwidth to pick new things to learn
   - pick a topic from the todo list
   - use the reference links added as a note
   - start researching continue the first ritual

If the writeup is detailed enough and topic is interesting enough, it goes out to the community through my weekly newsletter and blog.

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Software Engineer & Ruby on Rails Developer

Thanks for sharing your way, Arpit.

The other day I found Nuclino and looks really good. It's my second choice if Dropbox Paper stops working for me.

I found your process really interesting in the way that you make space for picking up a topic to dig deeper.

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