I have learned all the technologies included in the MERN stack and now I am looking to combine them in a single project. What type of project should I take up?

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The best project IMO, would be one which you believe should exist in first place, but... it doesn't.

Recalling a couple of personal experiences...

  • I have always wanted a cross-platform clipboard manager that could sync my clipboard across computers. I got started with clipman, when I was getting the hang of everything electron. I'm looking forward to pick up the development, dust off a few things, and take it forward... soon.

  • I have been accumulating games on this platform called Steam; and the dilemma of too many choices, made me build a quick, dirty, and simple script to cherry pick the games rated "Overwhelmingly Positive" by the Steam community. The dilemma of too many choices didn't go away, but that's a different story.