What languages, frameworks and libraries should I learn in order to start front-end development?

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While the others wrote great answers, I really want to encourage you to use the Hashnode search before asking a question, because we already have some stuff to read over here, for example:

Let me make a tl;dr for you:

  • Front-end web development, also known as client-side development is the practice of producing HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • There are only three things to learn, which are standardized: HTML, CSS and JS.
  • Forget about frameworks and libraries for now. You will not learn the essence with them and you will never become good if you only rely on tools without knowing the basics. Libraries will come and go, but the basics will always be the same. You should only learn a library or framework to abstract away tedious stuff you already know and understand and only if it solves a particular problem! Look, learning tools at your stage is like trying to take a shortcut in a race. You will see results faster, but you will never be the best runner and there will be some point where you will not be able to use a shortcut any more; that might be the most crucial situation and you are going to fail then. For example when you learned Angular, but the company really needs some React. There are millions of libraries. Learning one will get you nowhere, when another one is a better fit for the job. Choose the tool for the job.
  • Do not learn stuff you do not need. For front end, you will not need any knowledge about HTTP, server-side programming, like Node.JS, or databases. Learning stuff like that will just keep you away from things you really should learn. Also forget about some fancy programming patterns. Only learn a pattern when you need it in a particular situation. Learning for the sake of learning will only result in you forgetting the stuff quickly so you will have to re-learn things.

There are many ways how to go about learning the ropes, but there is only thing which you always have to do: Stay at it and practice practice practice.

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@LoneWolf38 There are a lot of useful links for tutorials, docs and learning sites in the Full Stack Developer 101 article :)