What makes you productive?

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Usually it’s when i work on an interesting feature or help a fellow coder.

When i work on something new it makes me super-productive, which means i outline the feature within a short time. Detailing can become boring, though, so the old saying that “90% of the work is done in 10% of the time” is extra-true for me.

Helping a fellow coder, be it a colleague or just a wild developer out there, also helps a lot. I’m very good at being a rubber duck, but can also provide useful insight on how to solve problems. I’m an empathic person so it’s easy for me to understand what the other person struggles with, make it my own problem, and solve it as quick as possible.

What is less necessary for me is interrupt-free work. I’m good at context switching, so if someone comes to me with a 10 minute work i can easily do it without dropping out of zone. If the job they want from me is a longer one, i tend to say no, or ask them to come back later.

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In your experience, do you experience a difference in productivity for interruptions due to people or interruptions due to technical problems?

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Technical problems are usually just minor problems to solve, so i don’t suffer long under them. If something really big comes up that’s a bigger problem, and one must solve it to remove an obstacle, especially if that might happen to other users later.

People interrupting me don’t really pose a problem. Being a good context switcher allows me to work on really short tasks without getting out of the Flow. For bigger tasks i tend to say no until i finish the work at hand.