What makes you productive?

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Mark's photo

It's easy to get out of a productive flow for me. For example if

  • Someone comes to ask me something.
  • I have to go ask someone something.
  • I need to wait more than 20s for compile/checkout/etc (it sounds whiny but 20s is actually an overestimate).
  • There's some robot-like boring work.
Paul Watts's photo

When I was CEO of my own rapidly growing Software Development company the thing that helped me become most productive was the ability to clear my mind of the multitude of seemingly urgent tasks and be able to focus on the one task that was required to do next, even when priorities shifted.

Also being able to clear my mind and be assured that everything I needed to do in the foreseeable future had been captured and was not reliant on my memory was another important piece of the productivity puzzle.

This came about by understanding and adopting the GTD (Getting Things Done) Methodology en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Getting_Things_Done and implementing this in increasingly better software tools over the years.

I was then able to go home at night and not stress about all the things that I hadn't got done or I thought needed doing because I knew that the routines and habits built around the GTD methodology would enable me to deal with everything I needed to in the deadlines that they needed to be done.

This was literally a game changer for me and hugely improved my productivity.

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Thanks for those insights. It is incredibly powerful if you are able to step away from the daily grind, to reenergize and get a fresh perspective. Glad that the GTD method works so well for you.