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What PC would you buy as a new dev now?

What kind of setup would you prefer if you could do it all over again today.

  • Mac or Windows, Desktop or Laptop?
  • Would you use the same setup for work vs home?
  • How would you handle gaming? Would you have a separate rig for that?
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12 answers

Mac or Windows, Desktop or Laptop

For me, It's either Mac or Ubuntu Laptop. I Use Both.

Will I use the same setup for work vs home?

No. I currently use one screen both at work and at home. I think I need two more at home. One of them would permanently be in portrait mode. I need more resolutions too

Will I have a separate rig for gaming?


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  • Linux (Ubuntu LTS).
  • Laptop. As I can sleep in any position, I like working in any position too.
  • Yes, same setup for work and home. It's easier.
  • Don't really do gaming. Sometimes I play on my phone.

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I have a windows laptop for games and movies or non work stuff. My company have provided me a laptop which I use only for work. Basically I play games when I am bored especially on Saturday and Sunday. There is not much setup needed when you are working from home.

The only thing I would change would be to get a play station or Xbox to play games with better performance and super detailed graphics. And have speakers setup like a home theater. Also get a Chromecast to watch movies or sports.

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If you asked me a year ago, I'd say a really badass windows laptop. But now adays, I'd probably buy a Mac, the developer experience with Shell commands is nuts, I don't really like the Mac design, but the code support is top notch. But yeah, I'd keep my expensive gaming windows laptop for you know, gaming :P.

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I did a lot of research before my purchase so I would do the same again. Let me tell you about my findings.

As a developer you mainly work with text. You write in an IDE and observe changes (maybe live) upon hitting the run button. I assume you do not like to hit the minimize and maximize button very often. I also assume you do not like to scroll up and down very often two. Given that, my first pick is dual monitor with a dual monitor arm. Alternatively you can use an ultrawide monitor.

If you want to run VM, Docker, Android emulator etc. Then some extra ram will help you a lot.

SSD helps very much.

As far I know, Processor is not that much important for regular development works. However, you know what you might be working on.

I do not need any Graphics Card. However, If your work involves heavy graphics then go ahead and buy a Graphics Card as per your requirement.

As far OS is concerned, I use Linux Mint. You can go for Ubuntu or any of it's derivatives if you do not need to work on Graphics (Ex. Adobe Products), or you do not like to play Games. There are also some edge cases where you might miss Windows though. Moreover, if you need to develop apps for Apple then you might need a Mac.


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