I'm happy with my current setup, so I'd do the same thing again:

Mac or Windows, Desktop or Laptop?

Ubuntu desktop for me. I like having a lot of screen space, so I'd just save money by not getting a laptop. If I'm away from home, I'll just read some blogs, for which my phone suffices.

Would you use the same setup for work vs home?

Not for me, I only occasionally work from home. Also I use Windows at work.

How would you handle gaming? Would you have a separate rig for that?

I don't do gaming anymore. But if I restart someday, I'll probably do dualboot on the same machine (with the added advantage of making it hard to switch to gaming... don't want to get too addicted).

I would need a better GPU. My current PC is built for coding - the only reason it has a GPU at all is that I couldn't use two 2560x1440 screens without it.

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