What's the worst coding practices you have seen(or done!)?

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Sandeep Panda's photo

Good question and several useful answers so far! Here are some of the bad practices I have encountered:

  • Mixing early return with if-else
if (x) {
  return 1;
else {
  // Do something else
  • Inconsistent naming e.g. variable name looks like a boolean, but you store something else
var isPublication = "publicationId";
  • Making code harder to read and complicating it unnecessarily
return (x === 1 ? true : false);
  • Lover of callbacks e.g. nesting too many callbacks when you can easily avoid them using something like async/await
dosomething(10, 12, (data) => {
  doSomethingElse(data, (something) => {
    doAnotherThing(something, () => {
      // More callbacks
  • Making typos and copying the typos everywhere because you couldn't notice. Sometimes you misspell a variable name and copy-paste it to different places -- it works -- However, when other collaborators glance over the variable name and try to use it in some section, the code simply doesn't work. It wastes a lot of time because we are not able to figure out that the original variable name is incorrect.

  • Failing to return early by mistake. Some developers accidentally skip return keyword while returning early in case of error.

if (err) {
  res.status(400).end(); // This doesn't halt the execution of code

// rest of the code

There are many more, but these are the ones I've come across most frequently. I have always highlighted them in the code reviews so far. :D

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Paul's photo

Web Developer

If you're retrieving from a database, you might leave the connection open.

Levi A Kirkland's photo

Any time I see code similar to below. The code author wraps a try/catch around a bit of code that should be written to ensure no failure, and the doesn't even write anything in the catch to overcome the issue. I feel this is the equivalent to On Error Resume Next . try { int i = (convert a string) } catch (Exception ex){}

//keep going....

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