When designing Service Oriented Architectures, which one do you use - HTTP or AMQP?

AMQP is a great messaging protocol. Messaging is an important part of what the web is about. HTTP is more widely used however. And there are few more messaging protocols each with their own benefits.

I can imagine exposing the system through AMQP partely provided using a HTTP/rEST, HTTP/jsonrpc2, HTTP/soap gateway. I can also imagine HTTP being used for some parts of the system (think microservices architecture where subsystems are partly exposed using HTTP) while all those subsystems are interconnected using AMQP, and to which you maybe also offer access. Depending on the messaging needs.

Yes! AMQP is great for interconnecting internal components and it's damn fast! For external APIs (JSON / SOAP), i simply add an HTTP endpoint on the frontend that's connected to the rest of the system via AMQP. This kind of setup is very easy to scale!

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