Which code editor do you use for JavaScript projects (React, Vue.js, Ember.js, etc) (2019 poll)?

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If we are talking editor-only, then I fell for Kate. Mainly because it is a great text editor which can highlight and auto-complete anything I need without configuration. It's my MS Notepad alternative on Windows, and my main editor on *NIX (I am in the KDE camp, as you can see).

I would never code in my text-editor, though. If it is web-dev, then I used to open up JetBrains WebStorm, however lately I have to do more PHP again, so I decided to upgrade my subscription to the JetBrains Toolkit, which allows me to use anything. As a result, I am on IntelliJ, now, and I absolutely love it.

One of my co-workers is using VSCode, and he often is missing tools I have in a real IDE, like IntelliJ. That means I sometimes have to refactor his code, because his static analysis does not have as many rules, he has to find workarounds in order to get certain edge-cases working, and some convenience-tools just do not exist at all for him. He also has to do a lot more things from the console, which are automated away in central buttons in my IDE. While I love the console, at the end of a frustrating debugging-session, all I want to do is hammer buttons and see colors, not think about typos in the CLI.

While at work my company pays for the tool, at home I have to pay the subscription myself. It is a cost I am willing to pay, because I use the tool professionally and get money for what I build, too. However, I do know that it's quite a bit of money and not everyone can or wants to pay that much. The closest comparison for me is that I certainly do not want to pay for Photoshop, even though I need it sometimes. I use Krita instead, which does not have all the tools and looks a bit different (it might even have a different focus audience).

So I guess we all should use what is best suited for us, and VSCode is one hell of a text editor!

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