Which commit message convention do you use at work?

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{what you've done - high level}

~ {this indicates a change to method/css/something}
- {this indicates a removal of a method/css/something}
+ {this indicates the addition of a method/css/something}

But I also use a branching strategy as well based on agile methodology.

Important to note I use gitkraken as well.

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This is cool. My comment to Syed Fazle Rahman applies to you too. Hence not copy pasting :-).

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Tapas Adhikary No worries. :). This is my personal method of commit messages.

I came up with it when i started my journey as a software engineer. For me, I've not found anything that could replace this system.

For additional context this is a high level of the branching strategy the company I work at and I utilise: We have story branches which are basically features and the branch looks like this story/{PROJECT_INITIALS}-{ISSUE_NUMBER}-{ISSUE_NAME}
So using My Awesome Project and issue or ticket number 134 (jira, gitlab, github, notepad) and the name could be Create landing page -
story/MAP-134-create_landing_page. Then this story gets split into smaller sub-tasks which are as trivial as possible. So, following the same convention as above, a sub-task would look like this:
Then sub-tasks get merged into their respective story which then gets merged into master for release.