Which one do you love?



VS Code


IntelliJ IDEA




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We need to be able to pick multiple options ;-)

I use both VSCode, IntelliJ IDEA and PyCharm on a daily basis. They all have their strengths in specific areas, so I don’t want to pick a single one, but I’d rather share my love for all of them =)

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I like IntelliJ IDEA (and the other JetBrians IDEs). I've tried Eclipse but I find the price of IntelliJ worth the difference.

I think Atom is more of a feature-rich editor than an IDE - in my experience a full IDE is worth learning.

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Eclipse for Java

VSCode for JS and Family.

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For quick editing, VsCode is amazing, no config, easy to use. It's essentially replaced Notepad++ for me, but for statically typed languages, I'd highly reccomend IntelliJ. At least for Java, Elm and Haskell I'd recommend it. I haven't tried C#, or C++.