Which software tools do you use at work as a developer?

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  • Intellij all of the suits which has integrated REST-API requests as well
  • Gliffy for diagrams
  • strace for execution analysis
  • gdb debugging
  • xdebug debugging
  • Slack, Skype, Hangouts, Discord (switching to matrix to get rid of most of them)
  • sublime, vscode, atom, vim to edit for simple file edits with syntax highlighting
  • gedit as a copy paste clipboard
  • meld for file divs
  • bash for automating things
  • gnome terminal (because I like it the most)
  • terminator to have multiple terminals in 1 window
  • firefox, chrome, opera, ie ... web nd stuff
  • spotify + audible
  • nextcloud + seafile for data sharing
  • Virtualbox for testing purpose
  • Docker for certain setups
  • Vagrant for certain setups
  • mysql/pgsql/mongodb terminal clients
  • mysql, couchdb, mongodb, posgresdb, db2 as database
  • evolution as mail client
  • password gorilla + revelation for password storage and encryption
  • wireshark to analyze package traffic
  • cargo, npm, composer, bundle, pip as package managers
  • lambdatest for browserpreviews
  • tomboy notes for notes ;)
  • teamviewer for remote support
  • timedoctor for timetracking
  • gimp for quick edits
  • OBS studio for streaming
  • sysprof for performance snapshots
  • qtcreator for my ubuntu phone apps
  • glade as a gtk helper
  • devhelper for manuals
  • git / cmake
  • githooks to run my local CI / Tests

There is even more tooling and 'apps' but the list is already way to long ... i didn't even know how much tools I got and use.

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Hipkiss yea, I know what Wireshark does; I use it mainly for network security stuff.

j That makes sense.