Which software tools do you use at work as a developer?

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  • hashnode (for news :P)
  • gitkraken
  • franz (messaging etc)
  • gmail / Mail (windows own mail client) + calendar
  • spotify / youtube
  • microsoft office/open office
  • commitMonitor (SVN version control)
  • browsers (windows/android/mac/ios + ie11+ edge)
  • sublime/notepad++/visual studio code
  • postman (wait a minute mr postman weh eh eh eh mr postman)
  • navicat (DB schemas)
  • WAMP
  • adobe creative cloud/ affinity designer
  • VMWare + OpenVPN
  • MobaXterm (terminal for SSH access)
  • ccleaner (managing programs and resources to clean on desktop)
  • launchy (alt+space = input for program) - same as mac but specific download for windows.
  • various browser extensions for testing (reactjs, vuejs, VWO for A/B testing, WAVE for accessibility, CSP, uBlock, colordrop, raindrop to name a few)
  • android studio
  • cmd/powershell
  • wireshark (analysing network traffic - a lot of fun)
  • sticky notes
  • docker
  • standard package managers for web dev, php and python
  • teamviewer
  • wakatime (time spent coding etc)
  • nextcloud ( file sharing)

Then theres all the preferences and plugins used for all this hahahaha. I've probably missed a load of stuff off too but these are definitely the main ones.

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