Which tech stack is best for e-commerce websites?

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What'd we building? The next amazon.com or a jewelry shop for mom / girl friend / or grandma ? What's the skill level of the developers? What will handle CC processing? How will you deal with order fulfillment? Returns? Complaints?


I've written to many completely custom e-commerce websites over my career.

In the past, I'd write it pure LAMP with bootstrap 2 or 3 for the CSS framework and some JQuery on the frontend, my own custom CMS in PHP / MySQL / Apache on the backend.

Now a days, I'm most comfortable with Angular 2+. So I'd write it in Angular 6 - I'd probably try Angular Universal to get some SEO benefits and probably the same - Angular on the backend, I have a love / hate relationship with PrimeNG but I'd probably use it because, I'm comfortable with it and PHP / MySQL / Apache still. I'd probably use Stripe to process CCs and add paypal for people that like that. I'd use Mailgun for sending emails and maintaining a mailing list or AWS SES. I'd probably host on AWS but maybe Digital Ocean or I still like Rackspace. Again - all of this I'm comfortable with and all of this depends on what the client is comfortable with. Will they pay me to maintain a complex site on AWS or should we keep it simple and use DO or Rackspace?

All of this is COMPLETELY based on what we're building. Website to order Pizza or sell jewelry or grandma's old socks? DO or Rackspace is probably good enough. Building the next eBay or walmart.com? We better be discussing budget and delivery times and goals.

Will we need to provide a mobile app? iOS only or Android as well? Should we build it native with Swift and Java or can we get away with / reuse some code from Angular with NativeScript? All of these questions greatly change the parameters of the project, costs associated, delivery times and expectations.

I also hear mixed reviews of Magento / Wordpress. Some people hate hate Magento - but it DOES scale (so I hear) and is very feature rich.

What stack are you comfortable with?


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That is a CSS library; not a stack.

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