Why do a lot of developers not use EmberJS? Are there any perks that we need to know about? I have been using it, and it's been good so far.

I have been using Ember for a while now, and the framework looks so good and since my recent backend is rails, ember-data just fits in.

But in a lot of polls, Ember seems like its outdated and should not be used for apps while React/Angular even Vue that came in recently takes the glory of awesome Javascript frameworks.

What are the pros and cons of using Ember?

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It is just somewhat older technology. Front end developers are notorious for rushing into the new and latest javascript frameworks.

You mentioned rails is your backend, to be honest, Ruby on Rails is falling somewhat out of fashion for the backend also.

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they are still cutting edge with new techs like glimmer-vm. The MVC pattern is currently not the main paradigm for frontend applications.

I personally like ember, but I like other frameworks like cycle.js / aurelia as well :)

as Xingheng pointed out blog.daftcode.pl/hype-driven-development-34.. is a classic frontend approach :) (I am guilty too)