Why is it not recommended to serve static files from Node.js?

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NodeJS (just like Tomcat, Apache, etc) will probably do fine serving static files, while NGINX will give you much better performance since it was built in C and supports the sendfile system call which is as fast as you can get on a Linux OS.

See: blog.modulus.io/supercharge-your-nodejs-app..

The test I ran was 10,000 requests using 40 concurrent connections. Node.js averaged 862 requests/sec and Nginx averaged 1,608 requests/sec. This means Nginx can handle roughly double the throughput in my test environment.
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Node.JS is built in C, just like NGINX is. The difference is NGINX is static and can do pre-optimizations which wouldn't make sense for Node.JS to do. That being said, do use NGINX if you are expecting a large amount of traffic, it is much faster.