Why Should You Care About Privacy? 🛡

Privacy is a function of liberty.

To be able to understand why we should care about privacy and approach this topic seriously, we first have to define what privacy is and why it is so important.

To me, privacy means my ability to voluntarily decide what personal information I want to keep private and what I want to share and with whom. There is no strict definition what personal information is, but here I just use the common sense.

Privacy is so important because it is directly connected with freedom. For some people this might be more difficult to understand because usual mindset is but I don't care, I don't have anything to hide. Let me ask you this: would you give me access to all your WhatsApp messages or your credit card information? Of course not, because you don't know me, you can't trust me and I might be malicious and use your private information against you. For example, I could blackmail you to send me some money not to expose that you cheated on your significant other or to use your credit card information to steal your money. So, at this point, you lost your freedom - you have to do what I say or suffer consequences. Through violation of your privacy I took control over you and your freedom. This is all logical, right? Then, why are you giving this kind of information every day, constantly, to other entities like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc? Just because those companies are famous, doesn't imply that they have good intentions. They put their tentacles in all aspects of your life without you even realizing it, they don't charge you for their services, but they are obsessed with your data, because information is power and you are the product, not the customer.

Privacy is also important for free speech. If you can't freely say what you think, because of the fear of consequences and censorship, then you don't live in a free society.

Read the full story here: https://koshinan.com/why-should-you-care-about-privacy

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