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Would you be interested in solving Hashnode sponsored coding challenges every week?





Would you be interested in solving coding challenges and competing for Hashnode goodies? 🎁

Does this sound fun to you? Let me know your thoughts 😀

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9 answers

I voted for yes, But currently just for Blockchain hackathons, contests, challenges...

You know? I'm tired of any other platform, from desktop development to web. But I guess Blockchain has a lot to explore, discover & say WOW for me, as I'm new to the field as well as the field itself ;-)

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Loooooool. Lets team up :-)

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Great deal !! so that I can learn new things through challenges...

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I prefer this to be a casual competition, where everyone can learn from any challenge, rather than those provided just for the sake of winning. That's the role of HackerRank, which I don't find very practical in the real work market.

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Sounds great. Really great way of learning new stuffs.

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