Would you pay a subscription fee for Mozilla FireFox's pro features?

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The way I see it, is this is not an "all-inclusive" pitch. The subscription fees are per "extra." Looks and smells like an upsell, frankly. Choose a VPN service, cash in on referrals. Choose a cloud service, cash in on referrals. Otherwise, it's even worse if those are their services; since they can't hold a candle to the ones who are the current industry leaders.

However, if they pulled a $10/mo for the whole ball of wax - I would probably bite. Products like Bitwarden are incredibly well-crafted and highly affordable, so Mozilla needs to do the same or everyone will eventually be using different flavors of Chromium, by default.

Their new logo and attempt at rebranding also sucks. #truthinesshurts

Firefox is actually my default browser, and has been since Netscape Navigator. I currently use the Developer Edition, then Google Chrome, followed by the others, for my persona QA sessions in testing apps and sites.