Would you pay a subscription fee for Mozilla FireFox's pro features?

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Pankaj Patel's photo

I might not as I already have a VPN service which I use for all devices and all kinds of Web based activity, not just One browser.

I am very interested in Mozilla and how they are shaping the Web.

I want to switch to Firefox but, somehow, after some time their update makes the Browser more heavy on Machine.

I like to keep my tabs open for a very very long time. And with Firefox I am always not feeling comfortable.

For VPN, Opera already provides it for free.

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I have the same dilemma to change to firefox, I use workona.com on Chrome to manage my tabs. On firefox, I used Session Sync github.com/ReDEnergy/SessionSync, and it's good, but I don't feel completely comfortable with it. So I would like to have workona on firefox. I didn't know about Opera and the VPN free feature.