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Important Update:

Hashnode will be phasing out Rix. From 11th December, 2023, we will no longer accept new questions. However, you can still view your current conversations until 31st March, 2024. We suggest exploring other options such as Perplexity and ChatGPT.

Explore Popular Docs Shortcuts

Streamline your searches by using the popular site shortcuts.

Get started with Rix

Enhance your chat experience by switching between "Quick", "Web Search" and "Code Writer" modes

Seamlessly switch between different modes to take advantage of the different features of Rix. Web Search allows you to search the web and get answers to your questions. Quick mode helps you get answers to your questions fast. Code Writer allows you to generate, modify, and visualize code.

Chat with GitHub Gist

Simply paste a GitHub gist link in the search bar above, and Rix will provide a summary of the code for you. Rix is here to assist you in comprehending, modifying, and enhancing the code.

Summarize any article, or web page in a snap!

Simply paste a URL in the search bar above, and let Rix summarize the content for you. You can also ask follow-up questions about the link.

Use 'site:' to Explore Specific Websites

To narrow down your search results to a specific website, simply type "site:site_url" in your search query. Replace "siteurl" with the actual URL of the website you want to search within. This handy trick allows you to quickly find information specifically from that website, saving you time and effort in your research.

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