Denny Trebbin

node.js member. hacking web & mobile. love pixel perfect design. hate quick & dirty. conjuring in germany. kid of the 80s.




April 26, 2015


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More about me

Living on the cutting edge. I tend to try out v0.0.1 versions of anything. Be it a library, be it a tool, be it an app, or be it a new language; I try them all.

Colleagues were making fun of me when I stick to something for longer than a week. I would rather say, if I use something for a week or even longer, it has the potential to rock 'n' roll.

Design colleagues don't like to share their unfinished work with me, because even though I just had a short look at something, I spot the invisible details.

Digging into new tech is my joy. Learning how things work makes me happy. Build, Break, Repair,...REPEAT! :-)

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