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Mark Dalgleish

Mark Dalgleish

Mon, 21st Aug 08:00 PM

CSS Modules co-creator, MelbJS organiser. Full-stack ECMAScript addict, interaction design enthusiast. DesignOps Lead at SEEK

James Long

James Long

Mon, 7th Aug 06:00 PM

Creator of Prettier, Open Source Contributor, Contracting as Shift Reset LLC, Ex-Mozilla

André Staltz

André Staltz

Wed, 2nd Aug 06:00 PM

Open source hacker. Created CycleJS, Core contributor RxJS · Functional and reactive programming, user interfaces, and JavaScript.

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Michel Weststrate


I really like the @hashnode community. Largely because it is not just about tech, but also about people, life, being a programmer in general



Small, simple QA, AMA portal which helps software developers stay connected through a modern community. Like it @Hashnode #Hashnode

Ricky Onsman


I am so proud of the team at @hashnode. It's becoming huge because it's great, and it's exactly what they planned

Juha Lindstedt


@hashnode I wanted to say hi and thanks! Hashnode is really refreshing medium to talk about web development. I'm liking it more every day! 👍

Quincy Larson


@PaulFWatts Yes - some of FCC's core team members have met with the @hashnode team and have nothing but good things to say about them.

Vincent Voyer


Amazed by the reactivity of the team @hashnode and their website: hashnode.com. Will be big!

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