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"Give me more embeds" 🌟

You asked for supporting more embeds on Hashnode articles. And, now you have them. Following is the list of new embeds you can try adding to your articles. Yes, they work on comments and replies to comments too.

New Embeds:

Previously supported Embeds:

  • Tweets
  • YouTube Videos
  • CodePen experiments
  • GitHub Gists
  • Giphy GIFs
  • Runkit
  • CodeSandbox

Feature kudos to Girish Patil · @theevilhead

Posted by Syed Fazle Rahman

30 Jul 2020


Quick access to your Hashnode blog and dashboard

On Desktop:

Quickly access your Hashnode blog, dashboard and blog drafts by clicking on the profile photo on the global left sidebar.

Hashnode Left Sidebar

On mobile screens: Click on the profile photo present on the top header.

Hashnode Header on mobile

Posted by Syed Fazle Rahman

30 Jul 2020


A new section to request new features on Hashnode

Thank you all for sending us interesting feature requests and bug reports on Twitter and Discord from the last couple of weeks. We are truly overwhelmed. 🕺

We just shipped a public "Feature Requests" section on Hashnode. You can now post a feature request or bug report as a new thread. The community will be able to add comments and reactions (👍) to your feature requests.

It's still very basic, and we'll be adding more features in the coming days.

PS: If you had suggested something in the past and we haven't shipped yet, please feel free to post them on the feature request section on Hashnode.

The Hashnode team will still be very active on Discord and Twitter for direct 1-1 help.

Who worked on this feature?

So, who worked on this feature?

The awesome Vamsi Rao. Do give him a shout-out on Twitter: @VamsiRao7

Posted by Syed Fazle Rahman

21 Jul 2020


Detailed Analytics for your blog

A quick heads up - we have shipped a new Analytics tab to your blog dashboard. You can now view your blog stats over a period of 7 and 30 days.

You can also see how your individual posts are doing in terms of views and community engagement.

Analytics is now the 2nd tab in your blog dashboard. For quick access, click on "Detailed Analytics" link on your blog stats widget:

So, who worked on this feature?

Girish and Shad. If something is broken, feel free to take it up with them. If not, do give them a shout-out on twitter:

@theevilhead, @iamshadmirza

Posted by Sandeep Panda

20 Jul 2020


Upgraded the appreciation emojis 🦄

We redesigned the emojis used for appreciating blog posts and comments to make it look fresh and modern. With the amazing captions attached to it, reacting to blog posts will be more interesting than ever. Here are the new reactions and its captions:

  • Thumbs up - Here’s my like.
  • Love - Love it.
  • Unicorn - You’re a unicorn.
  • Clap - Claps claps.
  • Beer - Cheers.
  • Award - You deserve a trophy!
  • Love eyes - I am loving it!
  • Money - Take my money.
  • Tada - It’s party time.
  • Rocket - Fly high.

Do you want to see a new emoji? Tweet to us and let us know what and why.

Cheers 🍺

Posted by Syed Fazle Rahman

15 Jul 2020


New Section: Explore trending blogs on Hashnode

We just replaced our old Explore tab with something new and exciting. The "new Explore" section now displays a list of 10 most loved blogs. There are weekly and monthly leaderboards that highlight the most popular blogs from the Hashnode community. You can follow the blogs from explore tab and see all future content from those blogs directly in your feed.

With this update, we have also removed "New & noteworthy" and "Blogs you follow" widgets from the right sidebar.

You can access the upgraded section from here: https://hashnode.com/explore

Who worked on this?

Sandeep, Girish and Fazle

No. of commits made in this PR


No. of development hours


No. of cups of coffee


No. of times f-word was used

a couple of times. It was a relatively simple feature for the dev team. But Fazle might have sweared a couple of times since his day was fully packed and we kind of wanted to ship it quickly. But he managed to keep the design ready within a short span - so special kudos to him!

Also, shout out to Girish for doing the number crunching APIs flawlessly.

No. of Hangout calls made

None. We managed to sort out the issues on Discord chat.

Anything else?

yes, Fazle just realized that his cat has 5 toes on each front paw and 4 on the hind ones. While that's normal, we were never aware of it. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Posted by Sandeep Panda

11 Jul 2020


Redesigned Blog Dashboard

We just upgraded the blog dashboard to make it more appealing and easy to use. We have reorganized some of the features to make sure you find them easily when needed. Here are some of the noteworthy changes:

  • Dashboard URL has been moved to Hashnode
  • Each tab in the dashboard gets its own URL so that you can bookmark them for quick access
  • A new drafts tab in dashboard for your pending articles
  • UI Refresh

Who worked on this feature?

Vamsi, Sandeep and Fazle.

Posted by Sandeep Panda

03 Jul 2020


Introducing Hashnode Changelog 🎉

This is a changelog for the changelog! 😉

We created this changelog page to keep you updated on the changes made on Hashnode regularly. The changelog will include records of changes such as bug fixes, new features, feature upgrades etc. We will also include why the changes were made and how these changes will improve Hashnode for you.

Who worked on this?

Shad, and Fazle

Have fun and stay safe!

Posted by Syed Fazle Rahman

01 Jul 2020