What has changed on Hashnode recently?

Better Q&As on Hashnode

19th August 2017

We have modified a few things on Hashnode. Your default feed will now contain only Q&A from nodes you follow. Links (news) and stories have been shifted to separate sections.

We are working hard to make Hashnode a friendly and inclusive Q&A community for coders, and this is one of the many initiatives towards achieving this goal.

Thank you for supporting us.

— Team Hashnode 🍺

Hashnode AMAs: Who do you want to see next? 💬

24th July 2017

Hashnode AMAs Invite

Giving the power to the community has always been our priority. Now, you can decide who should be invited next for live "Ask me anything session."

Go to Hashnode AMAs page, and type the Twitter @handle of the developer influencer or developer team you want to see next on Hashnode AMAs.

We'll get in touch and invite them for live AMAs.

Personalized and curated list of questions you can answer

27th June 2017

Finding questions which you can answer, has now become incredibly easy; thanks to the Suggested Questions section. It's found inside "Write answer" section on the left sidebar.

"Suggested Questions" are picked from the topics (nodes) you follow on Hashnode. Questions with less number of responses, are given priority.

Happy answering! 🙂

Watch any post from the feed, from any device!

22nd June 2017

Now you can watch any post using the more options dropdown menu. You'll be notified of new answers when you watch a post.

Watching from feed is available on the mobile website as well.

Hashnode Post Watching GIF

The Changelog for the Changelog 🤓

14th June 2017

The Hashnode changelog is finally getting some love ❤️! You will be notified of the new changes on the bottom right corner of the screen with a red number indicating total changes. Hence, you're up to speed with everything new that's being rolled out to make your Hashnode experience better!

Alternatively, follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay up-to-date with Hashnode news and updates.

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