What has changed on Hashnode recently?

We've upgraded Search

25th May 2017

Search should be one of the most powerful tools in a web application, said a wise man once!


We've upgraded the Hashnode search experience to bring you more of the most relevant details, by enriching it with the following changes:

  • Filter your search through: posts, people, and node
  • The posts have more context (content brief, author), which you could use to gauge their relevance
  • Improved UX

Hashnode gets a dark header!

23rd May 2017


Hot Discussions and more

15th May 2017

  • The right sidebar in your feed will now be populated with recent, and "happening" discussions all across Hashnode
  • The styles for /changelog and /feature-requests pages have been updated to make the design consistent, and to bring it in-line with that of post cards in the feed.

The Hashnode tour and other changes

10th May 2017

  • Answer requests now have an option to ignore them.
  • The write answer interface has been reworked. It also now offers a quick reference to all the keyboard shortcuts of the editor.
  • There's something new at
  • An 'add to your Homescreen widget' will now appear on Safari and Android mobile browsers

Introducing answer requests.

3rd May 2017

A new section called answer requests has been added to the sidebar. This is a collection of all the questions which you've been invited to answer.

New Design for Post Cards in the Feed

2nd May 2017

We've updated the design for post cards in the feed, to:

  • bring prominence to the tags the post is tagged with
  • make your upvote status on a post clearer

End of April Update

28th April 2017

Broadcasts vs. Changelogs

Hi everyone, while trying to find our ground with Broadcasts vs. Changelogs:

  • we've decided that we would stick to simple changelogs for an ASAP delivery of what has been changed
  • among other things, Broadcasts would be reserved for talking about the features in length, when we feel the need to.

Having said that, following are our recent changes.

User mentions with a Zing

  • User mentions’ style has been updated to differentiate them from normal links.
  • More meaningful notification messages on user mentions — Instead of you were mentioned in a conversation; Hashnode now specifies the context of the mention — i.e, in a post, in a response, etc…

Editor UX Improvements

  • We have updated the regex logic, and improved the behaviour of markdown shortcuts in the WYSIWYG editor — you can now observe an instant conversion of inline styles like Bold, Italics, CODE, after a markdown shortcut
  • Nesting is now supported in Ordered Lists
  • Backspace / Enter behaviour in empty list items has been improved
  • Better keyboard support for list indentation — Cmd + [ / Cmd + ]

Notifications about edits on your posts

  • Now you shall get notified, whenever someone from the Hashnode Team edits your post

(Someone from the Hashnode Team is always up doing a quality check. In regard to this quest, more times than not we go on an editing frenzy — questions, stories, links; we want you to be clear on how the edit happened)

Author’s twitter handle for tweeting a Response:

  • When you share a response on Twitter, Hashnode populates the Twitter handle of the response’s author in your tweet. Good karma for you, and for us 😉

Emails from Sparkpost

  • We are moving away from Mandrill, and switching to Sparkpost.

(We have been using Mandrill thus far to deliver all Hashnode email. Even though Mandrill has a rich feature set, we found we could do without most of what Mandrill provides. Sparkpost also appears to be a cheaper option for us.)

End of February Update

1st March 2017

Happy March to you all! We’ve rolled out a lot of changes in the past month, and following is a brief list of the same:

  • Launched a new 'email' authentication method a.k.a. 'Magic Link Signin'
  • 'Collections' are replaced with 'Bookmarks' and 'Answer Later'
  • Fonts on Hashnode now rely on system fonts
  • In-feed post cards’ design has been revamped, with a greater emphasis to the content
  • Downvote feature has been removed
  • New posts won't have the authors' default upvote anymore
  • A brand new WYSIWYG editor, which supports Markdown, and is based on 'draft-js'

Read Sandeep’s post if you would like a detailed brief of the above changes.

Upvotes to Replies

13th January 2017

Now you can show your appreciation for those insightful replies, through an upvote! 👍 Upvotes in Replies

New feed controls, and protips

26th December 2016

  • Better controls to easily get to the best of, and rising content
  • Protips to aid the community in getting the best value out of Hashnode

New feed controls, and Protips

Revamped Reply Inputs

22nd December 2016

  • Updated design for reply inputs, with an ‘Enter to Send’ option so you can choose to / choose not to send replies on ‘enter’
  • Replies for responses are now collapsed by default, for a better browsing experience
  • Replies are now saved on edit, so you don’t need to worry about a window refresh

Revamped Reply Inputs

User mentions while writing a post

22nd December 2016

‘@’ will bring up a list of users, from which you can select a user to mention in your post; while asking a question, writing a story, or sharing a link

Improved Sign up/Sign in button

15th December 2016

  • Streamlined the sign up process, not skewed towards any particular social auth provider now
  • Improved Sign in experience for browsers where JavaScript is disabled / loads slow; the button now redirects to

New Sign up/Sign in button

New Design for Polls

7th December 2016

Polls in Questions are redesigned to convey the results, in a better way!

New Design for Polls

The New Editor

5th December 2016

Enjoy an all new markdown writing experience, while asking a question, writing a story, or sharing a link; right from your feed.

New Editor GIF

All New Profiles

5th December 2016

  • Get back to all the content created by a user, right from their profile.
  • Show off your prowess in style, on your profile dashboard

New Hashnode Profile Screenshots

Beautiful People. Beautiful Teams. Beautiful AMAs!

5th December 2016

AMA pages’ design has been reworked from the ground-up, with a better UX for the hosts, and participants.

Revamped Single Post Page Design

5th December 2016

Reworked design for all of the post pages — questions, stories, and links. Increased readability, and legibility FTW!

Rearrange your favorite Nodes

2nd October 2016

You can rearrange the list of the nodes to your preference; in the nodes widget present on your feed page.

Globally accessible new top navigation bar

2nd October 2016

The new navigation bar let's you easily navigate to any section on Hashnode from any screen.

Easily share Hashnode posts to your favourite social channels

2nd October 2016

You can now easily share Hashnode posts to your favourite social channels; using the accessible share buttons on the left side, present in every Hashnode post

New way to invite your friends ❤️

2nd October 2016

Love Hashnode? You can now invite your friends using the ❤️ icon on the top navigation bar. Be awesome! Let's grow Hashnode together. 🙂

"Moar" Personalised Feed

8th September 2016

We’ve updated the feed to make it more personalised. You will be shown an in-feed list of "top" users to follow from the nodes that you are following.

New "My Leaderboard Standings" Widget

8th September 2016

Launched a new widget in the sidebar of your feed that displays your rankings across all the leaderboards for the nodes you follow. This widget will be visible to you only when you are in a leaderboard.

AMA answers are now realtime

8th September 2016

Get some popcorn ready before hand; now you will be notified of all the new AMA answers in realtime, if you are following it live! :)

Introducing Node Leaderboards

31st August 2016

Every Node has a new leaderboard. They are generated individually every month, based on the total number of appreciations, and upvotes you receive on Hashnode, for that month.

Checkout JavaScript's Leaderboard for the month of August —

Introducing Node Managers, and Admins

31st August 2016

Nodes, as sub communities, each catering content to specific interests; are central to Hashnode. Today, we are giving away the control of managing these nodes to you.

Apply to become a node manager from appropriate widget on a Node Page. (For instance, the node page for ReactJS,

Launching new "Discover Nodes" section

31st August 2016

Nodes are now well organised and categorised in the new Discover Nodes section. You'll be prompted to give a suggestion if you feel a node's missing on Hashnode, or if your search comes up empty.

Upgraded "Developers to follow" widget on the sidebar

31st August 2016

The "developers to follow" widget has been upgraded. It will now show:

  • Relevant developers from your interest area like JavaScript, Java, etc.
  • Top developers from nodes you follow, etc.

Homepage, and company pages' design overhaul

31st August 2016

The homepage has a brand new design, all other company pages have been updated to keep the design consistent overall.

Launched Hashtrends

11th August 2016

The de facto place for all the developers to share everything that's apart from development — that's news, that's fun, or a bit of both.

Read more about it in the blog — Introducing Hashtrends

Discussion of the Day

11th August 2016

A new widget highlighting the best discussion in a particular day.

Shinier new Hashnode company pages

3rd August 2016

We've upgraded the company pages with a bold new design. :) Let us know your feedback. or @hashnoder on Twitter

Sharing links from Hashnode Mobile Web

29th June 2016

Share interesting articles, GitHub repos, YouTube videos and other resources directly through our mobile web version. Visit on mobile, log in and click on "Share link" button.

Upgraded CodePen Embeds to latest version.

29th June 2016

We are using the latest CodePen APIs in this release.

Notification for post deletion

29th June 2016

You will get a notification when your post is deleted by a moderator.

Upgraded Polls : Closing date, New UI, Better summary and more.

25th June 2016

Polls on Hashnode are fun. We just improved it 200 times.

Now polls run for a limited period : 1 week, 2 weeks and 3 weeks. Once the poll is closed, you get a notification with the summary. And when you follow a poll, we will send summary via email when it is closed.

So, go ahead and try out the new poll.

Bug fixes and improvements

23rd June 2016

  • Fixed duplicate usernames while mentioning users (appeared after Lodash bump).
  • Fetch story drafts after page transition.
  • Ability to sort comments/answers by recency.
  • And other minor fixes.

Inline links now open in new tabs

15th June 2016

All the links present inside question descriptions, stories, answers and comments will now open in new tabs.

Bumped React version

10th June 2016

  • Updated React to 15.0.2 and react-router to 2.3.0.
  • Updated React components to use ES6 classes.
  • Better development workflow.

Shinier Feature Request Page

7th June 2016

Better organisation, more controls (editing and deleting feature request), bug fixes and more.

Appreciated answers in Feed

10th May 2016

Answers, appreciated by the developers you follow, will start appearing in your feed.

Answer / Comment Signatures

8th May 2016

Show off your social media profiles and personal website in your answers and comments. Head over to your settings page to fill out the details.

New Notifications Dropdown

8th May 2016

Check out brand new notifications dropdown for quicker and easier access to new notifications.

Easier user tagging while commenting

27th April 2016

Now, you will be prompted a list of suggested users while typing @ in comment and reply input fields.

Re-designed link preview card - Added description field

16th April 2016

Now you can describe the links while sharing them on Hashnode.

Cover image for Stories on Hashnode made optional.

16th April 2016

You can now publish stories on Hashnode without cover images. However, it is recommended to add a cover image to make them attractive.

New Writing Experience on Hashnode

16th April 2016

We have reworked on the UX and UI of "Ask Question", "Write Story" and "Share link" pages. They are clean and responsive now.

Wall of Fame and Profile Highlights

5th April 2016

Hashnode now rewards developers for contributing useful content. Our algorithm will automatically find out Top answerers, Top askers and Top link hunters in popular nodes and assign them badges in their Profile highlights. See it live: Kleo Petrov, Sandeep Panda and Denny Trebbin.

Upgraded Search - Algolia Powered

5th April 2016

Hashnode's search is now lightening fast. Thanks to Algolia. Now, you can see instant and relevant results as you type.

New Careers page, Edit Feature Request, design change to progress bar and many more design fixes.

22nd March 2016

This update contains many fixes and design changes:

Realtime Notifications

17th March 2016

The notification indicator is now realtime. You don't have to refresh the page to see new notifications.

Filtering bar on the AMA pages.

16th March 2016

We have upgraded the AMA Q&A list with a filter bar on the top : "All", "Unanswered" and "Answered". We have also added realtime support for new unanswered question. Have fun!

Redesign - New create post widget on the newsfeed and nodes pages.

16th March 2016

The new create post widget is clean, simple and bold. Matches with the overall design of Hashnode. Send us your feedback to

On Demand! Cmd + Click or Ctrl + Click or Mouse middle click now works on post titles of newsfeed items!

8th March 2016

Being an isomorphic app, we have to handle all the click events on links and change the view without reloading the whole page. This, in turn, suppressed the default Cmd + click behaviour. However, we have fixed this thing on post titles of newsfeed items.

All about AMAs - New AMA indicator, One click copy url and Tweet buttons for AMA questions and more.

3rd March 2016

This update is all about fixing AMA related things on Hashnode. We made the following changes :

  • AMA link on the left sidebar will indicate number of new upcoming AMAs,
  • Added one click copy URL and Tweet buttons on every question on AMA page,
  • Many miscellaneous CSS cleanup.

Changelog, Feature Requests and more

1st March 2016

We have introduced the following changes :

Changelog, Feature Requests, Community Guidelines, new right sidebar widget, removal of floating feedback button.

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