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Frequently asked questions

With this alpha version, you can consume posts from Hashnode's network. You can read popular developer stories, featured discussion, and search the Hashnode network. We will be adding user sign in and other write operations like commenting, reacting to a post, etc. in the upcoming version.

Yes, we reward users for reporting security vulnerability. We gift Amazon gift card worth $10 to $50 depending on the severity of the bug. Please see, reporting doesn't guarantee a reward. Our team will examine the issue and get back to you.

Also, security vulnerability should be reported privately. Please email such bugs to

All the alpha and beta testers of the app will unlock a new badge on their Hashnode profile.

We are working on a new badge system for Hashnode which will be deployed very soon.

No, the app isn't open source. Please report bugs and feature requests

If you are interested in working for Hashnode and contributing to the mobile app, please apply to us directly.

No, there's no ad on Hashnode website and mobile app. We are not a big fan of ads ourselves.

The alpha and beta version will not prompt you for any system permissions. However, the final version might ask for "Notification" and "Location" permissions.