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Hashnode Challenges

Open challenges for the community to accept and improve in writing

#2Articles1Week Gold Badge
#2Articles1Week Silver Badge
#2Articles1Week Bronze Badge

#2Articles1Week Challenge

Become better at technical writing; accept Hashnode's writing challenge for four weeks.

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Challenge Rules

  1. Create a blog on Hashnode if you’ve not already done so.

  2. Join the Discord channel here.

  3. Announce that you are participating in this challenge on Twitter by clicking here 🎉. If you are wondering why you need to do this, studies have shown that people tend to complete whatever they said they will do if they made a public announcement about it.

  4. Add #2Articles1Week as one of the hashtags on the articles you publish on your blog during the challenge.

  5. Tweet your progress with these hashtags: #2Articles1Week, #Hashnode.

  6. After you’ve completed the challenge, publish a recap article about your experience as a participant in the #2Articles1Week challenge.

  7. The first week starts when you publish your first article and we keep adding 7 days to calculate your writing streak. If you fail to maintain the streak, you can restart anytime!

  8. If you publish 2 articles per week for two weeks, you unlock a bronze badge. If you maintain a streak for 3 weeks, you get a silver badge. Finally, if you write two articles per week for 4 weeks, you unlock the gold badge.

  9. If you maintain the streak, the badge will be assigned automatically within 30 mins of meeting the criteria. Make sure your articles are tagged with 2Articles1Week tag and you have published 2 articles per week for minimum two weeks.

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Share your story, achievements, or experiences as a woman, non-binary folk in tech or as a #WomenWhoTech ally!

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